My practice explores our human condition with its limitations and imperfections, inner realities and the abject. I combine and transform materials closely related to the human body to provoke and question reactions of attraction and repulsion by exploring and questioning preconditioned concepts and beliefs about anthropocentrism, gender and the human body. My work raises questions about the interpretation and meaning of time, social collaboration and what we value.

Current Work

Tea and Time, (Twelve Months), 2021-2022

Time, tea, bacteria, yeast, canvas, wax, cotton wool, each 15 x 15 cm

The work "Tea and Time" is part of my bachelor's thesis, which was created in twelve months between 2021 and 2022.

CELIA JASMIN TREZZINI                             BIOGRAPHY

My work is inspired by positions in art and science that address the human condition and its relationship to nature, questioning common concepts of nature and culture and the boundaries between the human body and the outside. Skin-like materials form the basis of my research and serve as a conceptional barrier between internal and external, questioning the self-contained nature of the body. My work is inspired by Lynn Margulis, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, James Darling and Lesley Forwood.

As a Bachelor of Arts Painting student at Open College of the Arts I am preparing for my degree show in 2022/23 which will contain a time-based project using found "paint" from a naturally grown living material. It a cellulose biofilm produced by a symbiosis of yeast and bacteria. These microorganisms are able to form networks that are resilient, to survive for millennia, and provide evolutionary benefits to individual organisms. My degree work is intended to stimulate reflection on our interdependence, social coexistence and fragility as individuals.



1981 Born in Basel, Switzerland

2006 University Degree in Law (University of Constance, Germany)

2008 Bar Degree in Law, Germany (District Court of Rottweil, Germany)

2023 Bachelor in Painting expected (Open College of the Arts, Barnsley, UK)

Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.